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The Archives

The museum’s archives contain some 50,000 documents and photographs, as well as technical objects and instruments, connected with the discovery, development and application of X-rays. Our special focus areas are the life and work of Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, the biographies of other pioneers in the field of radiation research and its applications, and the historical and technological development of radiological diagnostics and oncology.

The Röntgen Museum archives contain the following collections:

  • Correspondence, papers and photographs left by the Nobel prizewinning physicist Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen (born 27.3.1845 in Lennep, died 10.2.1923 in Munich). Röntgen ordered that his papers be burned, and this order was almost entirely carried out. The archive in its present form has, therefore, been largely reconstituted from the recipients of letters written in Röntgen’s own hand. Nevertheless, there are some genuine pieces saved from the flames. The archive contains some 2,500 documents and 60 photographic plates with glass negatives.  
  • Newspaper and other press cuttings on Röntgen·    Items left by and relating to the biophysicist Friedrich Dessauer (1881–1963)
  • Product information on the application of X-ray technology in science and industry (Röntgen Museum documentation); c. 12,000 documents·    Technical planning and production documents of the former Koch-Sterzel Company (originally Dresden, later Essen); c. 20,000 documents
  • Correspondence and papers of the German Röntgen Society since the 1950s (c. 35,000 documents).

For further information contact: archiv@roentgenmuseum.de