Welcome to the homepage of the German Röntgen Museum in Röntgen’s native town of Remscheid-Lennep.

Welcome to the homepage of the German Röntgen Museum in Röntgen’s native town of Remscheid-Lennep
Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen was born in 1845 into a family of textile manufacturers in the small cloth-making town of Lennep, where he also spent his early years. Working at the University of Würzburg in 1895, he discovered the radiation known today the world over as X-rays. Röntgen’s discovery revolutionized medical diagnostics and paved the way for many high-tech applications. A great physicist and pioneer researcher, he was awarded the very first Nobel Prize for Physics, and he remains a model of creative, cross-disciplinary thinking.
The Röntgen Museum was opened in 1932. As part of the 2006 Regional Development Programme it was transformed from its original status as a specialist science museum into a modern theme-oriented museum for people of all ages – a hands-on family event focused on creative research and the fascination of discovery.

Containing many levels, and available in a number of languages, the museum’s presentation of its scientific topics aims especially at the interests of families, children and young people. It ranges from popular science to specialist approaches, from the micro to the macro-cosmos, from research and exploration tracks for children to multimedia databases and archives. In the museum you will find a laboratory for your own experiments, a cinema, refreshments, and a shop, as well as changing temporary exhibitions complementing our permanent ones. Altogether an all-round experience! And you won’t just stand and look: our presentation involves you actively and interactively. You will be challenged to try things out and experiment for yourself – to follow in Röntgen’s footsteps and become a scientific researcher and discoverer, as he was.
We’ll be happy to help you plan your visit to the birthplace of the discoverer of X-rays. You’ll already find the most important facts and a lot of useful information about the museum on this website.v

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